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Institutional and Vision

  • The Nanotechnology Foundation is a group of initiatives. support to Technology and Innovation in nanotechnology in UAE and Middle east. Its main responsibility is to promote the generation of added value of domestic in UAE and Middle east markets and universities . and arrived to targets for sustainable nano technology .

This initiative aims at strengthening and creation of SMEs in the area of micro and nanotechnology in the country and focuses on four strategic industrial areas: metalworking ,packing and food, health and electronics.

Its objectives are 

Promoting increased added value of domestic production by using micro and nanotechnologies, for domestic consumption and for insertion of local industry in international markets.

Activities by itself or jointly and / to incorporate the innovative potential of nanotechnologies, the Knowlege growth. 

Support activities of identifying thematic priorities, niche opportunity for the universities and investors 

Nanotechnology Knowledge Group 

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